SF stands for “stands for.” A state of being which is direct and transparent. SF is SF and nothing else. SF is no institution. SF belongs to no institution. SF stands for what the f@#% it stands for. Nothing else. SF is for the people that constantly find themselves subject to the systems at work. SF is for the people who have to ask twice to be given what is due. SF is for the people who just want to be. SF is for the people. The people that are people.

Today, SFSTANDSFORSTANDSFOR, is in the basement of Tyler’s mom’s house. It’s in the underground workshop that’s downtown New Haven. It’s above the foot surgeon’s office off of Blake Street. It’s in the Rhode Island School of Design, on the top floor of Homer Hall. Room 523. It’s not where. It’s here. It’s there. It’s SF.

From a joke in a highschool chemistry class, SF turned into doodles, to digital designs to mock ups, to products. And with that, came a website, multiple platforms on social media and an overall responsibility to stay true. And to this day, the same few friends that Tyler sent his doodles to, are the same exact friends that Tyler sends his upcoming project mockups to; and he wouldn’t want it any other way.